Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday, 5 September 2014

Kiwi quiz

I scored 40 pi sent in my quiz I try my best  

Recount with a twist

MONDAY 1st of september
once upon a time me and my brother went to panmure bowling to play each other game
the first games was the lazer games my brother and I played laser games the rule in the game was no punching  
and no pushing or swearing and no hitting guns
when I was close to the flag wakk! a tall older boy that is older like me but when i got hit I collapse and I went to the hospital
I told the nirs what happened to me
that a boy older like me smacked me with a gun
when I tried to get the golden flag. who ever got the golden flag that means that you can have the golden flag forever and never give it back.
The nirs went to get my family when they saw me they best me to be held. When I looked at the window I saw a  big bird singing a song at me.
I said to the nirs to bring the bird inside to be singing to me so I can sleep because I felt really tired my family said they brought me fruits and noodles. I said thank you .
4 weeks later. When I got out the hospital I  missed being in my room because I loved walking around the rooms. I waited at the bus stop. When the bus arrived I missed my parents visiting me. 40 later. When I arrived home quickly opened the gate then I went
to quietly opened the door I went to my parents room. I shouted out surprise!!! my parents were excited for me my mum was screaming and my dad was pretending he was frozen I covered my ears so hard that my mum was screaming they were like that because they were so excited.
             My family and I is really happy together for ever. my family invited all my cousin and uncles and everyone to come and have a barbecue at my house that we lived happily after.
I writ tend this story about the twist It is all about my favourite story I rote about. I hope you all love it