Friday, 15 April 2016

Spelling bee game

This is my new high score to spelling bee game. To play this game you have to write down the blank word in the blank box.

Anagram spelling game

my first high score was 325

Word wall un

These are the un words I have found in the dictionary.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Building a deck

Building a Deck

One morning there were two builders from Hamilton that were going to build a deck in my backyard. Before they started they had to take out all of their materials.

After the builders finished getting their things they started by measuring how wide the deck should be. When they were done the wood had to be cut to the right length and polished dark grey.     

After the sticking the wood into their spots they had to make sure the deck was strong enough for heavy weights like barbecue cookers and a table and chairs.

When they were done I was really pleased with what the builders had done. The builders were very proud and enjoyed their day.  

This is my story that I have made building a deck. I was pretending it was at my house so it can be interesting. please enjoy : )

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Exploring the points of views

This is my DLO that I made with my work buddy A.J. We used I fake Text to show the people who were talking. I was the boss and A.J was the Bus driver. The activity we were doing was why the bus drivers went on a strike. We leant what provocation and bias means. Bias mean one point of view. Provocation means someone saying to doing something that causes someone else to react. 

Current Events

Oh Hsen and I worked on a current event activity. Our topic was bus driver go on strike. We had to first answer the first three question. Then we had to read the article carefully and find out some specific a clear answers. Next we had to go on the mat and share our ideas. All the good ideas we shared we explains it and made it more clearly. We had to look at the bus drivers point of view and the public point of view and public's point and write down how the might fell After that we had to Finnish the last question

Monday, 4 April 2016

Shaun Johnson

For writing Rodney and I made a presentation about Shaun Johnson. We found out about Shaun Johnson. Here are a few facts about him if you don't know him: Shaun is a rugby league player. He currently plays for the Vodafone warriors which is a NZ team.

Planning our goals

To more up reading level
Read least 2 books a week  for 20 minutes get someone to help if you are stuck.
Did I read for 20 minutes
Did I ask questions.
Did I read 2 books a week

This is my writing task. I had to think about what my goals are, how I am going to do them and what questions I am going to ask myself everyday so I know that I have done my goal.


An Memorable journey

An Memorable journey

Last Monday my family and I went down to Wellington to celebrate my cousin's birthday. His name is Christian, we went down to his birthday because he was having an exciting thing pool party. When we got there I was extremely happy we got to meet Christian’s dad's family. After playing in the pool for a while and diving in from the side. Christian and I saw presents beside the fence. Christian opened them and saw console Xbox 360, he thanked the people that bought it. After 10 minutes there was light coming from the door I looked closer to see what it was going to be. When it came out it was a cake filled with a lot of candles. I was happy to see if I could help Christian blow the candles. We finished the party by eating a giant cake.   

Image result for wellington new zealand

My story ended with a happy ending because It showed which part that was exiting.