Friday, 24 July 2015

This is my Hauora poster I did for fuel me. It is really Important to eat healthy food because you will get a healthy life and a healthy brain. Mrs Kirkpatrick said that we should eat colour food and she said that if we don't have a colour food then we must tell our mum,dad,grand parent or any one in you family to give you more healthy food like fruits and Veggies so we can get stronger and stronger. GOOD LUCK EATING HEALTHY FOOD      

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


This is my Dragon work I have done for my Random choosing. it was so easy to do because I know alot about Dragons. Did you know Dragons have sharp teeth that they can just chop you in half in 1 chew. I REALLY ENJOY'D   WORKING ON DRAGONS.


This is  My Eddition Triangle work I have did for maths. I had to fill up these empty little boxes that are bright green. I think that I did well but I hope that I didn't get anything wrong.