Thursday, 30 March 2017

Futsal / Tennis

Today LS2 went to the tennis courts in Dunkirk. Our normal coach Martin was there and we had another coach for tennis, Nevi. Group A went first to play futsal with Martin, and group B went to play tennis with Nevi. We all started of with bouncing the ball with the tennis racket and then we bounced the ball on the tennis racket. Next we went into partners so we could play together like a normal tennis game. After 48 minuets of playing, group A went to tennis and group B went to futsal. We mostly had a normal game as we normally do at the end of our sessions at school but we went straight into teams. Black,Red and white. I was in the white team. And won on the first round but lost on the second round. We like to thank Martin and Nevi for letting us come to the tennis court to play them, I had a lot of fun been there.

Kokako Inforgraphic DLO

Today I have created a kokako infographic with my buddy Tewai. We had to go find information about what they eat, where they live and if they are still around or if they are now extinct.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Calvin Photo collage - Camp 2017

Today I have created a photo collage story. I had to put picture's of me and the whole classroom on and create it from day one to day four. My favorite activity this year was high ropes because I got to see how high i could go and to see if I could face my fears.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


As the time went past I found that I was holding a map. I had a partner who was holding a pencil and a piece of paper. I hear the wind blast past my ear … SWOOSH… A few seconds later I saw people running passed me and my partner, like they were jaguars!

We found the target we were after, the letter C. The C on the map gave me an idea of where it was. We partner split up and tried looking for it. I searched everywhere but I could not find it. My partner went up to where the cabins are but he could not find it either.

I scuttled up to get him so we could find it together. We searched so hard but a few moments later my legs felt like they were in hell. I guess my idea was not so great after all. A few seconds later I had a feeling that C was under the ramp to go across the bridge. When I got there I saw a triangle with a letter C under it. I was so happy to see this and to complete my goal. It was strange because I was nervous and happy at the same time

Today I have created a Recount to show what I did in orienteering at camp with my partner. Finding the letter C was the hardest letter to find.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Conserving water DLO

Today I have been working on a DLO with my two Partners Lyndon and Tewai. We have been talking about the flud that happend two weeks ago and how it started. We first looked at articles that explained about what would happen if we had no water or if its really dirty. Well we found some information and wrote them in our own words to our DLO. The reason why we are doing this, is because our watercare sally came to our class and talked about how waterdrain works and what would happen soon.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Food tech

Today the yr 8 went to tech to make quiche pie. We all fantastic time taking turns at cracking the egg,Cutting onions,and rolling the doe. our ingredients were flower,butter,cheese,bacon,eggs and cream. Our task was to work as a team and to help each other out with any problems we get through. Some of us get help from our cooking teacher and some get help from our friends at the other kitchens. At the end we did our dishes and putted our quiche in the oven. When it came out of the oven, we could smell how beautiful our quiche was. Our cooking teacher and us were proud of our selves.  

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Omaru river

Today my partner Jericho and I were working on a DLO called the Omaru river. We had to find out how they pumped out the bad water and put in the clean water. We both looked and read 3 articles and found information about it. We also attributed the photo's to.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Different perspectives - Group D

Our challenge for reading today was to make a DLO about different perspectives. We had to try and figure out who was right and who was wrong. Our perspective today was the city council and the police. I was thinking that the city council was right, because if the police just tipped it down the drain then the sewage system would be infected. We all worked as a group and had a conversation about who was right. We all managed complete this task in just one day together as a team.