Friday, 21 November 2014


This is called Emeralds that I made with my buddy named troy. It was really hard work

This is my van pier disine

This is my van pier disine I made from my maths book I really had fun making it!.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Q: What will you eat if you are an astronaut if you're up in space  
A: Mostly freeze-dried food

Q: What will you do up in space
A: Stare at the stars outside the window or maybe fly around inside the rocket

Q: If you are up in space how are you going to drink
A: you can maybe drink water from a water bottle or in a plastic bottle bag

Q: If you are in space how are you going to sleep but in a rocket
A: you can sleep in a rocket from having a cupboard bed with a long door and sleeping without floating across the rocket room

Q: What is your favourite dessert up in space
A: My favourite dessert up in space is ice cream chocolate fudge cake

This is what I did with my buddy named Thomas. Thomas said to me to do the questions and he called do the answers. I did my best, so I called get them right. Well he was reading he was reading he said to me that it all make sense.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I made this out of Tagul because we have to make the using planets worlds on the world that turns into words.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Whatnot

This book is about the Whatnot it is a really interesting story what is it about?
No one noticed the soldier. HE stood up in the middle of the ballroom, and no one saw. Brightly colored frocks whirled around him. Coattails spun past. the laughter and chatter filled the air, and the clockwork maids sped right up to them with their heavy trays of glasses and red currant tarts, but never moved. His face was white as a bone. Blue shadows stood under his eyes, and his uniform the blotted with
Mr. jelliby did not notice him either, not at first.
He was busy being worried and little bit irritated, leaning against the fireplace and watching the guests as they moved toward the dancing floor.

That is my story about  The Whatnot but that is not the end of the story it is a chapter book if you want to borrow this book you have to go to the panmure library.

this my story about the  The Whatnot

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Holidays

Wednesday 22nd October

In the holidays I went to the Panmure  pools with my my mum sisters and nephews.I was having a good day, but the pool was really packed making the water level rise. The water was getting harder to swim in. The life guards were watching us swim in the water safely.

Two and a half hours later,my dad meet us at the swimming pools. My dad is a really strong and fast swimmer. I liked the part when my dad jumped into the pool from really high up on the diving board.The lifeguard told my dad off for jumping in the pool and making a really big splash. The lifeguard said  “don't do that again”, dad was really frightened because he thought he was going to get kicked out of the pool.

Twenty minutes later,the pool started to calm down, heaps of people had headed home for the day. It was time to get out of the pool and get changed, my cousin said that he wanted to stay in the pool until it was nighttime. Me and my dad thought that would be fun but you can't live in the pool for to long, you would never to able to fall asleep. 

Later on we went back to my house to have lunch, we had mince and cheese pies. They were really delicious, mince and cheese is my favourite pie. After lunch  we went outside to play hide and go seek.  I was the courter, trying to find everyone who was hiding. I counted to twenty, it was hard trying to find everyone. I started to get bored so I gave up the game and went inside. When everyone came out of their hiding spots, I came running outside. They didn't know I had gone inside so they will never know I cheated.