Thursday, 25 June 2015

Georgia O'Keefe Art

Georgia O'Keefe

L.I. Complete an artist study
Know about colours - complimentary
Use pastel to blend colours

Here is a photo of Georgia O’Keefe
Image result for Georgia O'Keeffe
3 Facts about this artist are… Georgia O'Keeffe  was an American painter of nature and the southwestern landscape. Her husband was Alfred Stieglitz, She died when she was 98 year’s old.     

Here are three examples of her flower painting.

Image result for Georgia O'Keeffe flowers
Image result for Georgia O'Keeffe flowers
Image result for Georgia O'Keeffe flowers
Flower -Hibiscus with Plumeria
Colours -red, dark red, white yellow, black lite pink
Background -blue
Details -
Flower -Cooper Roses
Colours -white dark green
Background -  white
Details -
Flower -
Colours -blue yellow white
Background -blue
Details -

I like it and it is the best because it has some bright and some dark colors.

I have decided to draw a flower because I think it will be exciting to be
like a Georgia O’Keefe flower I will ...

Using this tool take 2 screenshots - paste them under here
The first is complimentary colours - this gives you the colour of the flower and the colour of the background.

Screenshot 2015-06-25 at 1.22.13 PM.png
This is my work I Georgia O'Keefe. It was hard work and Some of the class got behind with there work. I really tried my best.

How to reference a book

Author : Lucia Raatma
Title: Politeness
Published: 2002
City : London

This is how you reference a book. If you want to know how to reference a book you need to get any book from the library shelf and screenshot it and post it onto your Blog.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Flower Power Result.

This was My result from Flower power. My score was 2.29. And my time was 3.00. not enough but I really tried my best. Flower power is fun and it will help me work out my brain.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Anzac baking

ANZAC Biscuits

On Wednesday we made Anzac biscuits. We had to put in flour, sugar, oats, and coconut. We then put in the melted butter, brown sugar, and golden syrup into the bowl with the flour, sugar, oats and coconut. We took turns at putting in the ingredients.

A.J. was the measurer, Daniel was the dry mixer, Fradon was the photographer, Eric was the cleaner, and I was the person who put the mixture onto the tray.

Then the bell rang. We quickly put the mixture onto the tray and went out to lunch. Mr Wong and Mrs Smith put the ANZAC biscuits into the oven. After lunch and kiwi can we ate the ANZAC biscuits. They were delicious.
The cooking was really fun to make and to put in the ingredients.