Monday, 30 May 2016

Home learning

This home learning is explaining everything about Mary Seacole. I have being working with my buddy Harry so we could find information together. The informations or facts might be interesting.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Shoe narrative

How did they get there?
What happened along the way?
What did they see?
What did they smell?
What did they feel?
What did they touch
What did they hear?
They were replaced
The shoes were stolen
They saw the shoes lying in the cupboard
They smelt the smelly socks of the owner
They felt the person’s foot inside them
They touched dog poo on the way to school.
They heard the excited shout of the new owner.

When I was chosen, I felt amazing. When I was taken out of the box it felt like I was meant for this my whole life. I heard the delighted shriek of my new owner, and poked my tongue out at the other shoes, who were grumbling at not being picked. When I was put on I looked at my other pair and saw that it was on the other foot. The next day our owner took us to school, when my owner was walking he was so happy he didn’t look down. RED ALERT! RED ALERT! MAYDAY, MAYDAY! But he couldn’t hear. So he stepped on it…... SQUISH! Ew, yuck! I did not want to speak because      I didn’t want it in my mouth. He looked down at me. “Oops!” I glared up at him. A bit late for that, buddy! But when I said that I knew the owner doesn’t know I’m alive. At the end of the day, the kid ran home and cried to his mother. I couldn’t feel anything my body was shaking hard core. But I looked up and saw him with his mouth still upside down. I tried to say something but it just won’t work. If I did I know he will freak out and take me out of him and throw me away. When we got home I was scared his mother might throw me in the rubbish bin. I was thinking that it won’t happen, When my owner stepped inside the house he sneaked into the washing machine and AHHHHHHHHHH!  He threw me into the washing machine. He closed the washing machine and ran out the door trying to find another pair of shoes just like me. but when I was inside the washing machine it was terribly dark and I was spinning so fast that the poo glared of me and I was happy. But when I reached all the way to the bottom the machine stopped I was happy and fresh. My buddy and I could not wait to go out together for a walk. And when we did OO Ooooo…..     The end     

Ballad poems

Today Me and my buddy Lyndon worked on something a bit like the olden days. We had to research what was happening about Charlotte Ann. Before we started we had to watch a video clip about what they were doing. It was talking about how she wanted to prove that herself and the other women can do jobs like the men. Charlotte Ann was the first and brave women to act like them.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Maths DLO

Fantastic facts challenge

Today for reading I had something that will be dangerous spiders. Some spiders will be friendly like the light ones but some dark spiders are poisonous and can get really bad around people. I have searched up a lot of web sights and found a lot of information about the new spider. My task was to find out about what will the spider do next ?

Friday, 6 May 2016

Asian country poster

This D.L.O. talks about what has being happening in India. Well I learnt that miss Naicker said to us that India is the 7 largest country in the world    

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

All About India By Calvin and Shailah

Blue whale

Identifying the structure of an information report
LI: to understand the structure of information reports

Your challenge:

Use the key to help you show the structure of an information report.

Highlight the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion by changing the background colour of the table.

Highlight the other structures by using the highlight function.

Body Paragraphs

Interesting fact (to hook readers in)

Title of body paragraph

Description of topic

Topic sentence that tells the reader what the paragraph is about

Tell the reader what the report is about

Special knowledge to help the readers understand


Blue Whale

The blue whale is a type of mammal called a cetacean and is a type of baleen whale. The scientific name for the blue whale is the Balaenoptera musculus. Blue whales are by far the biggest animals in the world. Even the biggest dinosaur that ever lived doesn't come close in size to the blue whale.

To eat, blue whales filter their food through stiff, bony, comb-like teeth called baleen plates. Their main diet is krill (small creatures that are less than 2 cm in size). A blue whale can eat up to 3,600 kilograms of krill a day during its peak consumption period. Blue whales catch their food by diving down to about 500 meters below the surface.

Blue whales are found in open oceans from the icy waters of the extreme Southern Hemisphere to the Aleutian Islands off Alaska at the northern boundary of the Pacific Ocean. Summers are spent in polar waters because food production is higher there.

Blue whales are simply enormous. Their heart is the size of a small car. A blue whale aorta (the main blood vessel) alone is large enough for a human to crawl through. They can weigh over 200,000 kilograms! Female blue whales are generally larger than males. Blue whales are light bluish gray on their dorsal side and mottled gray whitish on their bellies. Some have yellowish bellies.
Endangered species

The worldwide blue whale population is not known, however, blue whales are considered endangered according to the U.S. Endangered Species Act. For many years blue whales were hunted extensively for their large quantities of baleen, blubber, and meat. Although blue whales are protected, their populations show few signs of recovery.
Blue whales are large mammals that spends their time in the icy oceans.  They only eat krill and are not a threat to any other creature in the ocean.  Blue whales face the risk of extinction if humans continue to hunt them for their baleen, blubber and meat.
 LI: to understand the structure of information reports

We had to hi light the information like the introduction the intro box is green and you can see that I have hi lighted the words cyan dark blue and purple.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Word wall Sub

Today we had to create a Sub word wall. Before we started we had to use the dictionary so we could find the word that is the same as sub. For example subway,submarine,subside.

Prefix: Sub

Paragraph - Prefix: Sub

9 Words:
  • Subterranean -  Gone underneath earth’s surface
  • SubZero - Temperatures below zero
  • Submarine -  A vehicle that can go underwater
  • Subordinate - The rank below or ranke under the captain
  • Submerge - To go underwater
  • Subliminal - A message inside a message
  • Subway - Underground Train Station
  • Subtext - Underlying the theme
  • Subject - A person who is been dealt with.

As the submarine submerged through the subzero temperatures of the ocean, The captain called to the other subordinate subjects who had been listening to Mariah Carey searching for subliminal messages. While they had gone more subterranean that they had crashed into a subway. Through this whole commotion, the cook had been in the bathroom reading the subtexts of the latest Woman’s Weekly.