Friday, 25 August 2017

Tech Year 8 last rotation

 Today was our last rotation and we have finally finished painting our clocks and putting the mechanisms on. Before we finished we ended up painting the sides of our clocks. The difficult part was trying to glue our sides to our clocks.


  1. Hi Calvin,
    Hi my name is Joshua. Those are some really nice clocks you made at Tech, best of luck for making more of these in your own time and hopefully you remember how to make these. Well Done and keep up that good work.

    From Joshua W

  2. I like the way you design you're clock with our country on it.

  3. Hi Calvin

    You guys made some great clocks at tech. I especially like the New Zealand clock and the owl clock because they are very detailed.

  4. Hi Calvin my name is Josh. That New Zealand clock look fantastic and I like the way you painted your clock very clear. Well done and keep it up.

  5. hi Calvin its Lyndon
    i like the way you made you design our country i like that batman one to mainly because its mine but your its really cool my favorite photo is the one where i photo bombed your photo.

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