Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Idiom writing Challenge

Today Zane and I have created an Idiom writing challenge. We started by researching idiom images so we could put them onto the DLO. When I was searching through images I came across to one that said hit the road. I knew that it was the one I was going to use for my DLO.  Zane and I  had a discussion to see if we were going to use it or something else. I learnt quite a lot of things about idiom. The hardest part about this writing challenge was trying to find an image because there were heaps of interesting ones I wanted to use. And the easiest part was writing down what it meant because I hear these words in some movies that I watch on Netflix.  


  1. Great work finding an image to illustrate your idiom.

    1. Thank you Ms Kirkpatrick I really appreciate it.